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Jing Psychological Services

Do you feel you have been trapped into a negative way of thinking and feeling about yourself and the world you encounter due to past traumas? Have you been feeling insecure about yourself and your relationships with others? Are you struggling with creating healthy boundaries with your adolescents? I am here to help you reclaim a sense of self, find an inner path that leads you to safety and security, and form healthy relationships with yourself and others.

 The Chinese character, "Jing" means calmness and peace. We live in a fast-paced society that often doesn't allow us to have time to listen to our body and to sit with our emotions. I hope my counselling can provide you with a calm space where you can freely share your stories and experiences. Counselling might be the path for you to find your inner peace. This is why I chose my name for my psychological services.  

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I strive to cultivate a counselling space that is safe for individuals from all gender identities, races, cultural background, sexual orientations, socioeconomic status, and levels of ability. I believe my client is an expert of their life. As a counsellor, I walk alongside with my client as they navigate challenges in their life. I support my clients with compassion and care.


  • I listen without judgment. 

  • I value my clients' strengths.

  • I acknowledge my client's courage to share their challenges in counselling. 

  • I believe everyone has the capacity to fulfill their potential.

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